YouTuber. Musician. Collector

YouTuber. Musician. Collector.

This website is all about my love of music, and playing guitars.

I am a home musician with a passion for learning about guitar equipment, digital recording, and the music industry. I just have fun and enjoy making music. This page is my home for creating very realistic demos of the gear I acquire, and give the average person an idea of how something will sound.

You can find lots of YouTube videos with awesome players who can make ANYTHING sound good.  I am just like most guitarists, always on the hunt for something new, something inspiring.  I own a bunch of gear but not just to have a pile of guitars laying around.  I want something that makes me want to play.  Sometimes I will keep things for just a few weeks and turn around and sell it on Reverb.com.  Then there are things I buy and keep forever.  There are some guitars I own that you will have to pry from my cold dead hands.

I am not sponsored or endorsed by ANYONE for ANYTHING.  So my opinions are totally on my own and unbiased.  I will be trying to detail what I have paid for the gear, and whether I think it was worth the cost.  For my guitar work I primarily rely on Mermet Guitars, PRS Guitars, Revv 100p, KSR Juno, Friedman BE-100, Gravity Enclosures